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A. H.

Working with Dr Cole on our conception and pregnancy journey was wonderful. Caron was receptive and responsive to my needs and took a holistic response to my health.

B. V.

I would highly recommend homoepath Dr. Cole as she is the most compassionate and caring doctor I have ever received treatment from. She is empathetic, thorough, interested and sincerely committed to her patients.

C. K.

I met Dr. Caron Cole 21 years ago. I had my normal GP, but Caron provided a more thorough investigation into my health issues. What's more, the prescribed natural medications had fewer side effects than what I had experienced.

C. S.

I met Caron during an extremely traumatic period in my life. A friend whom she assisted with acute depression recommended her to me. She embraced me with compassion and through her dedication and knowledge as a homeopath, helped me heal.

C. Y.

Up to the age of about 60 I suffered from chronic sinusitis, constant postnasal drip, the occasional sore throat and flu in winter at least twice a year. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work.

F. P.

After battling with my sons health for years due to various allergies, I was advised to take him to Caron for an assessment.

H. L.

I started treatment with Dr Caron in 2004, when my first child was a year old. Caron remained our family’s homeopathic practitioner until we left South Africa for the UK in 2016.

J. F.

I saw Dr Caron Cole for the first time with my Son Ethan, 21 years ago. He was just over 2 years old and had been on a few courses of Antibiotics already for respiratory related conditions.

J. G.

Twenty-two years ago, I was diagnosed with two auto-immune conditions (Hashimoto’s disease and fibromyalgia) and soon realized that I had to find my own way of dealing with this situation.

J. W.

My family and I have been consulting with Dr Cole for many years and have always found her to be kind, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

K. C.

Having been a patient of Dr Caron Cole's practice in South Africa for more than 10 years, being treated for Raynaud's Disease (Chilblains) Caron comes highly recommended.

K. J.

I sought the help of Dr Caron Cole after visiting many GPs and Dermatologists for an erratic hives breakout which I was experiencing for several months.

L. P.

Dr. Caron Cole cared for - not only treated - my children and myself during many years.

M. H.

Dr Cole is someone who breaks through the conventional methods. She is considered, and very thorough.

M. M.

My family and I have been patients of Dr Caron Cole's for many years. I first went to Caron after battling with eczema over a prolonged period.

P. W.

I struggled with endometriosis for many years. Visited several gynecologists trying to find some relief to my problem. Each professional prescribed the ‘best medical treatment for the condition’ and every time my body had a worse reaction to the previously prescribed medicines.

R. J.

Dr. Caron Cole has taken great care of my health, she is also very lovely to speak with at every appointment.

R. R.

I appreciate Dr. Caron Cole having taken time to go over my complicated diagnosis meticulously and then offering the appropriate treatment options.

S. P.

Dr Caron Cole is a wonderful caring homeopath who has cared for my family for many years.

T. F.

We first met Caron when our son Kyle, now 18 years old, was a 6 month old baby. He had just started creche and had had a few bouts of illness.

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