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P. W.

I struggled with endometriosis for many years. Visited several gynecologists trying to find some relief to my problem. Each professional prescribed the ‘best medical treatment for the condition’ and every time my body had a worse reaction to the previously prescribed medicines.

The effects on my system, only exacerbated my difficulties: Increased weight; longer, heavier and more painful periods; headaches, acne, etc etc. It seemed there was no cure in sight! I was then advised that the only way to sort out the problem was to have a partial hysterectomy. As I was considered too young to lose my ovaries, a partial hysterectomy it was to be. Six weeks after the operation … it all began again! By then I was desperate.
Finally, I was directed to Dr Caron Cole, who was still a young professional, doing research on this condition. However, she seemed to have the clearest understanding of the challenges of the endometriosis, and the reactions of my body to the medicines! In a relatively short space of time, she assessed my symptoms and prescribed natural treatment which relieved me of years of pain and suffering of my endometriosis.
I shall be forever grateful to Dr Cole for her expert assistance in my journey to full recovery of my feminine health.

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