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T. F.

We first met Caron when our son Kyle, now 18 years old, was a 6 month old baby. He had just started creche and had had a few bouts of illness.

We had taken him to our general practitioner at the time and the standard course of treatment was to prescribe antibiotics. After the 3rd visit to the GP in 4 weeks, we asked if there was anything that we could do to help strengthen Kyle’s immune system to help him fight the bugs. The response from the GP was that we needed to accept that because he was at creche he would be sick for 3 weeks out of every 4. Well I refused to accept that and that is when we started seeing Caron. She was patient and kind and took the time to properly understand all of Kyle’s current symptoms as well as his history. She explained how homeopathy works and how to take the medication to ensure it is effective. She also taught us that fevers meant that they body was fighting something. She helped us to understand how to deal with them and when to get worried. This advice was so different to what many of my friends were being told by their doctors at the time but I strongly believe that this approach is what has helped my children build up their immune systems.
We have never looked back and when our daughter was born, she was also treated by Caron along with both my husband and I. In every consultation over the years, Caron took her time to properly understand everything that was going on to ensure that she did not treat only the symptoms but also the underlying cause. As a result my children have not required antibiotics except for very specific circumstances, once when Kyle had pneumonia and once for Mikaela as a precaution when she split her head open in the swimming pool. They are both healthy teenagers (18 and 15 years old) who have also learnt how to take the homeopathic medication effectively when they are ill.
I would recommend Caron to any family looking for a caring, patient and kind homeopath who focuses on her patients and making sure they are treated holistically.


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