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C. K.

I met Dr. Caron Cole 21 years ago. I had my normal GP, but Caron provided a more thorough investigation into my health issues. What's more, the prescribed natural medications had fewer side effects than what I had experienced.

So I stayed with her.
Caron is very thorough in her interview when you enter her rooms. The questions are many, and she encourages me to observe what is happening in my body all the time, and check whether it is normal.
Caron distinguished herself in 2020 when my husband and I had symptoms of COVID 19. This was a scary moment for us. Caron was systematic as usual, discussing our symptoms in-depth to help her understand our particular symptoms and what was happening in our bodies. As this was happening during level 4 lockdown the consultation had to be online.
The prescriptions she gave us, helped us to improve energy levels, and the symptoms disappeared.
Her follow-up routine to check how we were responding to the treatment was spaced over two days. She monitored us, for a week, changing treatment as we reported other discomforts.
A dedicated doctor who shows compassion to my health dilemma, whatever it is.
Caron operates her practice with integrity and confidentiality. I was sad when she emigrated to the UK, however, I am hoping that she can continue helping me with my health, particularly now as I have entered the post 65 years zone. Having a reliable doctor working on my health gives me confidence.
Thank you for being faithful to your calling.
Cecilia K

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