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J. G.

Twenty-two years ago, I was diagnosed with two auto-immune conditions (Hashimoto’s disease and fibromyalgia) and soon realized that I had to find my own way of dealing with this situation.

This led me to the practice of homeopath Dr Caron Cole, who took me on as a patient.
Caron was supportive, calm, explaining what was going on, answering my endless questions, while addressing my problems through homeopathic principles and supplementation. Today, I lead a normal life, while managing my health issues in this way, for which I am very grateful.
Looking back, I would not even consider any other way of dealing with my health.
Over the years, my whole family have become patients of Caron for different ailments, from my elderly mother, my children and grandchildren. We have recommended Caron to many others over the years.
We therefore miss Caron following the move with her family to the UK, and extend our best wishes for her new practice. We remain in contact including access to online consultation when required.

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