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C. S.

I met Caron during an extremely traumatic period in my life. A friend whom she assisted with acute depression recommended her to me. She embraced me with compassion and through her dedication and knowledge as a homeopath, helped me heal.

Caron has deep empathy and is passionate about her patients. She invests her remarkable skills and passion for her profession into her patients. She takes her time to really understand and listen to her patients on every level in order to assist them. Caron is truly an exceptionally skilled practitioner and extremely empathetic.

Throughout the years I have recommended friends and family to Caron. Each and every one has remarked on her incredible compassion and skill and been so grateful for having gone to her. She has assisted patients with depression, common sicknesses, support during cancer and my step sister who had challenges conceiving. I am happy to say that through Caron’s assistance, she now has a beautiful, healthy and very happy little girl.

Anyone who has the good fortune of becoming a patient of Caron’s, could not ask for a better homeopath to embark on a healing journey.

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